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Behavior Services

Functional Behavior Assessment - Studying a person’s behavior is important because the behavior always serves a purpose for that person and knowing that purpose helps us determine not only appropriate interventions, but more importantly, interventions that will be effective. An FBA incorporates a wide variety of techniques and procedures with the aim of determining the function (or purpose) for a given behavior. The techniques and procedures are data driven, meaning the resulting hypothesis regarding the function of behavior is not subjective, but rather based on concrete data.

Behavioral Consult - Working with families, schools, day care centers and other providers such as SLPs, OT and PT professionals who also work with children with autism or other related disabilities.

Behavior Plan Development - Once the function of the behavior(s) are determined, a detailed and tailored plan is written specifically for that individual. This plan includes a background information, defined targeted behaviors for decrease (or increase as warranted), targeted skills for acquisition and/or increase, protocols (proactive and reactive) to address the behaviors targeted for decrease, teaching methods for addressing the skill acquisition, recommended hours of ABA therapy.

Supervision - Specifically for RBTs, BCaBAs or others pursuing or interested in pursuing certification or licensure in the field.

Direct Therapy - Therapy based on our individualized and tailored treatment plans in a clinic, home or school-based setting.

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